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Walkin’ The Walk! A Peek at This Year’s Walk from Paul!

Dear Weekend Participants,

The most powerful force on earth is a large group (4,500+) of mostly women with a just cause who decide they want to change the world.  This is the best and most accurate description of the Shoppers Drug Mart Weekend to End Women’s Cancers I can think of.  This September 10th and 11th will be the ninth year for the Walk.  

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised across Canada by the remarkable women (and men!) of the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.  The walking is not easy…..32 km on Saturday and 28km on Sunday for a grand total of 60km for the two day walkers.  Fund raising is also tough in that a two day walker must raise $2,000 as a minimum. 

So why do these brave and spirited women and men sign up to walk and volunteer?  As Johnny Reid sings so brilliantly because “They want to change the world”.  We all want to Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime…..and particularly we want to End Women’s Cancers in Our Lifetime! By the way, Johnny Reid and his Pink Tartan team are walking and Johnny will be singing at opening ceremony! 

So let me give you a heads up on the incredible route this year.  We are starting at Downsview Park where the parking is free and plentiful.  We’ll walk a beautiful city plus park walk downtown through some of Toronto’s most vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods. 

We’ll walk around the U of T, down my favourite restaurant street in the world (Baldwin Street) and then come out right by Princess Margaret. 

We’ll stop for pictures and celebration and high fives with hospital staff and volunteers by the score. 

We’ll head back to Downsview through parks and a great and eclectic cross section of Toronto neighbourhoods. 

We’ll finish to cheers and hugs and celebration back at camp at Downsview. Camp is amazing and this year will be a grand celebration so hang around even if you are not sleeping out. 

Day two starts bright and early at Downsview. We’ll travel through neighbourhoods which have been so special and welcoming in the past as well as new neighbourhoods.  Near the end of the walk on Day 2 get ready for some great surprises…..actually ALWAYS be prepared for great and warm and wonderful surprises both days! 

Finishing line at Downsview and closing ceremony is special and emotional and memorable beyond description.  This is just a sneak peak at what will be the most special weekend of the year! 

Get ready veteran walkers for some great and special new route, camp and other delightful surprises! Newbies, get ready for a weekend that could well change your life!  I can’t wait to see you and start walking!!!! This will be the BEST WALK YET!!!  See you SOON!!!

Warm Regards,

Paul Alofs (9 Year Walker)
President & CEO

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