What is Weekend Circle for Hope?

This year we have made fundraising easier and more fun than ever. After 8 years of coaching more than 100,000 participants to reach and exceed their goals, we have compiled the most effective practices into one, simple to follow guide to ensure your success. All you have to do is focus on one thing….building your Weekend Circle For Hope.

A successful Weekend experience is built upon a strong network of support - your Circle for Hope. Getting friends and family involved in your Weekend journey not only helps to expand your giving circle and recruit new crusaders for our cause, but also spreads the word about our unforgettable endeavour and makes the whole experience a lot more fun! Plus, earn Hope Fundraising Credits as your circle grows.


Circle for Hope

So, who’s included in my Circle for Hope?
Everyone! Friends and family, co-workers, Facebook contacts, fellow Walkers—even your Weekend Coaches! Never underestimate the scope of this cause and give all the people in your life the opportunity to become part of the journey—as a donor, a teammate, a supporter, or a messenger to share your story with others!

How do I recruit my Circle for Hope?
It’s all about getting your Weekend message out to as many people as possible, and encouraging them to get their own social networks involved! Host a Circle for Hope party at your home, upload the Weekend email badge to your signature line, download the Facebook application to your account—or utilize one of the many other fundraising, team building, or social networking tools available to you! For other ideas about ways to expand your Weekend Circle for Hope, please click here.

I’m a returning Walker. How is Circle for Hope different from what I’ve done to prepare for past Weekends?
It’s not! Circle for Hope is about growing the synergy between your fundraising, team building, and social networking to have the maximum impact possible. Our returning Walkers have shown us that the combined momentum of these key factors yields the highest fundraising totals, the largest Walker teams, and ultimately provide the best outcomes to help the greatest number of those in need. It’s time to share your successful practices with all our participants!