Share Your Story: Terri Haggerty

A Fundraising Success Story

In 2009, Terri Haggerty, along with her sisters and partner signed up for The Weekend to walk in honour of her grandmother who had survived breast cancer before succumbing to another form of cancer.

Excited to make a difference, they all had reservations when it came to raising the $2,000 minimum required by each Walker to participate, “We were a bit stressed about coming up with $2,000 each,” she says. However, with dedication and some inspired ideas, Terri and her Peace Love and Cupcakes teammates have each seen great success in the past two years.

For her campaign last year, Terri organized a Hafla (a belly dance party) for 100 women which raised more than $3,000. After hiring a belly dance instructor she canvassed local businesses in the Kamloops area to donate door prizes, “We sold 10 tickets for $10 and guests could put a ticket in the bag containing the prize that they wanted to win - this made over $2,000 alone” says Terri.

Held at a local Indian restaurant, the evening included a one hour belly dance lesson and a full Indian buffet. The event was such a success that Terri is already planning for her second this June. “It was a lot of work, but everyone had way too much fun and can’t wait for this year’s, so the ticket sales should be easy,” she says.

In addition to the Hafla, Terri and each of her sisters has organized head shaving fundraisers in their local communities which were met with tremendous support, “my youngest sister Angie held a huge fundraising campaign at the high school where she is a counselor and raised her entire $2,000,” she says.

“My middle sister did the same at the school where she teaches, her community and everyone got behind her and she raised her goal by shaving her head.” Terri also raised $1,500 by shaving her head at the correctional centre where she works.

To raise money for this year’s Weekend, Terri and her partner organized a YellowTail wine and cheese party at their home this past fall. “YellowTail was a sponsor of The Weekend last year so we approached them to get involved and they donated prizes and helped get us a 30 per cent discount on wine. A local COBS Bread donated food and then we did the rest,” she says. Terri and her partner again approached local businesses who donated everything from golf packages to bottles of wine to use as door prizes, “It was a really fun evening and managed to make over $800 in one night!”

Whether organizing a large fundraiser like the Hafla, or simply approaching co-workers and colleagues for donations, Terri encourages each and every participant to get involved, “Just start talking, look online for fundraising ideas, ask local businesses to get behind you. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and not one person has said no to me at this point!”


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