Share Your Story: Lindsay Cotton

A Fundraising Success Story

“People are more generous than you think," Lindsay Cotton explains about her online fundraising efforts.  Lindsay first registered for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer in 2006.

At the time, Lindsay’s mother was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer. "Participating in the Weekend was the only proactive thing I could think of doing at the time," says Lindsay.

“I saw all of the improvements being made to the Segal Cancer Centre. It was nice to know that we would help raise a little bit of that money," she recalls.

Lindsay’s mother, who is now in remission, has been walking with her daughter for the last two years. "Our team has grown exponentially over the last years, and we’ve raised more than $50,000 for the cause," Lindsay explains.

Lindsay, who's no stranger to fundraising, has organized many events, among these car washes and comedy nights. She would negotiate complimentary food from local grocery stores and have people help for free, which made fundraising easier.

But for Lindsay and her team spreading the word online was their most effective tactic. "Facebook is a great tool for getting your fundraising goals out there and inviting people to your events,” says the 21 year-old. Her other main piece of advice, “email everyone on your contact list; you never know who will actually donate!”

Lindsay will be taking part in next year's Weekend to End Women's Cancers as the event holds a special place in her heart.

"Even if fundraising seems difficult at times, and walking is painful, the Closing Ceremony makes me want to register every year. Seeing the survivors walk by is so emotional, inspiring and beautiful. It really makes you want to do it all over again!” 


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