Share Your Story: Kim Lewis

A Fundraising Success Story

Before signing up for The Weekend, Kim Lewis had never participated in a fundraiser. It wasn’t until last year, when her boss’ wife, Heather Culbert, was diagnosed with breast cancer that she decided to join the Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women’s Cancers™ benefiting Alberta Cancer Foundation.

“I’m not an outgoing person at all… sending an e-mail is much easier than a face to face request for me,” says Kim.

Initially she wasn’t overly confident in her fundraising strategy,

“I figured that I wouldn’t even come close to reaching the required minimum and I was prepared to have to write a big cheque of my own to make up the difference. Within less than an hour of sending out my first e-mail I was at 47% of the $2,000 goal!”

Not only was Kim overwhelmed by the support of her friends and colleagues, but also of their overwhelming generosity. This is what motivated and inspired her to strive for more and continue fundraising.

Kim has found that personalizing her webpage and sending out emails has been a tremendous help in her fundraising thus far:

“It shows people that I have a good reason for asking for their support and along with making it more personal, more real,” she says. “I’m very honest with why I’m doing this and I remind people that in order to make a difference, I need their support. 60km is not an easy walk to commit to and many of them are appreciative of me making that effort on their behalf… for loved ones they’ve lost as well.”

Kim's fundraising success can be credited to her perseverance and she encourages other participants to take the same attitude to their fundraising:

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to everyone (and I do mean everyone) you know when asking for donations. What’s the worst that can happen? So they say no… at least you tried… cancer has touched so many people and so for many of us, it could be the one thing we have in common and can relate to. Bottom line – don’t sell yourself short and believe in yourself!”


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