Share Your Story: Charlene Bonham-Carter

A cancer story

My name is Charlene Inch Bonham-Carter and on November 20, 2008 I found out that I had breast cancer. The very next day I was told that I also had cervical cancer. I had stage 3 breast cancer and stage 2 cervical cancer.

I was put through every test you could imagine right away.  I had a hysterectomy on December 12, 2008, and then lumpectomy and lymph node dissection on January 13, 2009.  I started six treatments of chemo on February 12, 2009, had a little break for the month of June, and then did 16 treatments of radiation that finished July 30, 2009.  

A friend did the walk in my honour last year, and I am doing it this year.  My hair is slowly coming back, but all in all I am great. I couldn't have done any of this without my family, my friends, and with my faith in God. I think this is a great way to raise money and meet people who understand and have also been through this. I will see you all there.
Thank you, for a wonderful weekend.
Charlene Inch Bonham-Carter



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