Share Your Story: Nanci Smed

Susan's Support Hoes

My name is Nanci and I am a 3 ½ year breast cancer survivor. This summer I will be walking with Susan’s Support Hoes as we support Susan Smed Kowalski while she copes with the ravages of chemotherapy. Although our team has a sassy Pimp and Ho theme and some wonderful cheerleaders to keep us feisty, we will all be feeling the weight of what this terrible disease has done to our dear Susan. By July 24th she will have lost her hair and her bubbly personality will be suffering. This event has given many of her friends and family the opportunity to do something to show their support and gratitude for Susan

In 2007, I participated in a similar event to The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers that took place in Seattle where I live.  I want to share a memory that I have from that event.
On the second day we left the camp before 7:00am.  We had walked over 22 miles the previous day and had slept in tents on the cold damp ground during the night.  It was barely light outside as we set out for another day of walking. The neighbourhood we were walking through was near the airport in an undesirable area. The cheerleaders weren’t out and frankly it wasn’t very fun at this point. About a mile from camp we were crossing the street and in the center of the intersection there was a crumbling asphalt median. On the median was an African American woman standing there with bare feet, torn pants and a thin t-shirt. She had a white cane, and through her t-shirt it was obvious that she only had one breast. She was crying and smiling while she faced towards us saying ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you’.  

I don’t think she ever knew how grateful all of us walkers were to have her gratitude. This poor, blind, single-breasted woman did more to reinforce why we were walking than anything else ever could. The funds we raise through these walks will directly impact those who need the screening and treatment most and no matter what their background, they are grateful to those who help fight this cause. As walkers we can be grateful to have an outlet to express our appreciation and gratitude for our loved ones who are forced to deal with this deadly disease. During the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers we will all experience different things that connect us to this cause. Be proud for doing something to take a stance against cancer.

The Circle of Gratitude continues for me as I join Susan’s Support Hoes while we stomp out cancer one step at a time. Please join us.



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