Share Your Story: Beth McGale

Story of friendship and survival


Lucy was my beautiful dog, half Rough Collie and half German Sheppard. She was my constant companion and true friend and I loved her so much, as did my family. But she was extra special to me.

In the summer of 2006, Lucy started butting my left breast with that long nose of hers, whenever she could. I had seen a show on T.V. about how some dogs can smell cancer and sometime alert their owners. She was relentless in this pursuit and although I could not feel anything I went for a mammogram.

To my horror, it was discovered I had breast cancer. Because of Lucy, I went in 10 months early and it was found to be 0.5cm. It was a very aggressive cancer and if I had waited it would have been in my nodes and who know where else.

She saved my life, plain and simple… she took care of me through chemo and Herceptin treatments, never leaving my side. I would lie on the couch sleeping and wake up to a pair of soft brown eyes just looking at me from across the room… just watching. She never stopped watching me and making me get up and move and just live.

The summer of 2007 my beautiful Lucy died of bone cancer. I see now she held on to get me through all those horrible days. I love and miss her terribly; she was my heart and soul. I love you Lucy.

“I prayed to God for help and because he was busy…he sent me Lucy.”

I made it through the mastectomy and all the treatments they could throw at me. I was bald, I was tired but I am HERE and I intend to stay here and live my life, move on and leave the horror of the last three years behind me. I have a wonderful family and a sweet new dog named Heidi, who has taken over where Lucy left off, I am blessed. Lucy started me on the road to recovery but my family, friends and medical people got me through the rest.

We have to find a cure for all cancers. For me, for you, for my Mom and for my Lucy.

  Beth McGale
  Breast Cancer Survivor.



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