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Breast Cancer Story

I am a breast cancer survivor of 14 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 35. In 2010, I will be celebrating the big “5-0”. A great year to challenge myself to complete a 60km walk!

My eldest sister was diagnosed 2 years after me and another sister was diagnosed one year ago. We have all been fortunate that our cancer was found early and are doing well. I have also had several friends diagnosed and treated for this terrible disease. My long time friend, Cindi Black, lost her battle with breast cancer in July of 2005.      

I’ve learned that this disease can strike at any age, no matter how hard you try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Naturally I worry about my daughter, my sisters, and my niece. I hope that in the near future there will be better treatments and maybe even a cure.  

I am walking in this event to raise money for a cause that has touched my life. Together, I believe we can all make a difference!


UPDATE as of June 10, 2010:

Just before Christmas I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the 2nd time. I beat it 14 years ago and have no doubt that I will do so again. As with any disease, there are not only the physical problems, but a lot of emotional issues are raised as well. For me, I think the most dominant emotional issue is ANGER.

I am ANGRY that this disease has interfered with my life again.
I am ANGRY that I am disfigured and no longer have breasts.
I am ANGRY that I have to endure the nasty side effects of chemotherapy.
I am ANGRY that I have to wear a wig for the next 8 to 9 months.
I am ANGRY that it has consumed the lives of my family for the 4th time.
I am ANGRY that more of my friends have been diagnosed with it.

I am still determined to do the best I can to raise money for this cause. I want research to continue so that better treatments can be found and hopefully some day a cure! I have organized a ladies’ volleyball tournament for the past 5 years which has raised over $40,000 and plan to continue this. Along with my daughter, Ashleigh, I am still determined to walk in The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers. Our team name is appropriately called “Twice is Enough”.

- Cheryl Johns


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