Share Your Story: Kristen McLellan

Daughter, Survivor, then Wife and Mother

My journey began 5 years ago.

On January 12th, 2004, I found a lump on my left breast. I had a biopsy done and on March 4th I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

The news came as a huge shock to both me and my family. But I was determined not to let it define my life. I went in for a lumpectomy on March 9th, but then Jamie and I decided to postpone Chemo so that we could do in-vetro fertilization (IVF). Having a family was VERY important to us and unfortunately Chemo can force your body into menopause prematurely. It was not a risk we were willing to take. On May 3rd we froze all of our embryos which I fondly call our "babe-cycles" and then on May 18th I began chemotherapy. It was NOT fun. Enough said.

I began radiation in November of 2004 and I ended all my treatments on January 12, 2005.


One very difficult, emotional, tiring year.

But as soon as we could, we went back to the Fertility clinic, and after many unsuccessful months we decided to try on our own. And we got pregnant! Lucas, our miracle baby was born July 1, 2006!  We eventually started trying for baby number two and after a few unsuccessful months of trying on our own we transferred two of our “babe-cycles”...and we conceived! Our second miracle Willem was born June 19, 2008!
Now this January 12, 2010, I will be celebrating my own 60km (60 months or 5 years!)
And on September 11-12, 2010  I will be walking in my second Weekend to End Breast Cancer so that I can do my part.
I am walking for my boys, for all the wonderful women in my life AND I am walking for you.

- Kristen McLellan




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