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Breast Cancer Story

10_img_lynn_noborderI want to share my story because I want to help raise awareness for women's cancers. In 2007, I received the terrible words that no one wants to hear after a biopsy. "You have cancer," said the surgeon. I was pretty numb and had work to do out of town. I was on my way to the airport. I just had to blurt the words out to my husband and tears came. We more or less already knew the results before the doctor confirmed it and were pretty resigned. But once the word “cancer” is said aloud and it is you they are talking about, there is a whole new focus.

My husband comforted me and we prayed. I went through my weekend of work like a zombie. It was a good thing that it happened to be a women's conference and I had many friends there to support me. Telling the family is a whole other story.  But we got through that and had the surgery. 

Things did not continue to go well in 2008 and 2009. Both my parents were ill and my stepfather passed away on Boxing Day. I was of course very busy helping my mother. Then our son-in-law had three strokes in the space of 3 weeks shocking as he was very strong and the picture of health. Things moved in a whirl to help him, my daughter and grandchildren. Then, I noticed a new lump.

I thought it was nothing and my doctor agreed, but he said that this new lump was worth investigating.  Unfortunately the biopsy showed I had a malignant tumor. I had a mastectomy on April 8, 2009. My family rallied behind me as did my church and friends. It brought our family closer and in The Weekend to End Breast Cancer my daughter and I walked over the finish line hand in hand. I did not do the 60k, and not all my children made it, but they did do 40K and the grandchildren did their part, too.

Cancer is not pleasant. We must find a cure. Help us end Women's Cancers. 

 - Lynn L'Heureux



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