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A Husband's Story

My wife was diagnosed with cancer last mid-October. They couldn't tell what type of cancer it was and they could only suspect that it was a rare type of cancer called mesothelioma. She was only 29 years old and the cancer was a rapid progression type when discovered. Things progressed rapidly week by week and eventually got worse after two cycles of chemotherapy and several radiations. We all hoped that she could get into remission, but unfortunately that was not the case.

At last, she had to leave me on Januray 5th, 2010 peacefully. It is certainly a sad story for everyone in our family. Things happened at such a fast pace that no one could accept the fact - the fact that everything happened in merely 2 months, since the discovery of the disease until her passing. However, I do believe that things do happen for a reason and we most likely won't be able to understand why. The question "why" should not be asked or may not be answered in any way from our limited human knowledge. At least we got married last year in July. We completed our sacrament of marriage in a catholic church with a lot of blessings. At least she had chosen her wedding gown, and loved the way we decorated our new house. At least she could call me "husband" before going to sleep and then see me when she woke up in the morning. At least she had appeared in my life, and for this I have no regrets. This is a blessing.

Here, I would love to let all cancer survivors and cancer patients know that even though my story may not be a happy ending story, keep your faith, love the ones that you love, cherish and enjoy every day of your life. God bless all.

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