Share Your Story: Caroline Weber

Cancer Survivor Story

Hi, I’m Caroline Weber. I’m a breast cancer survivor, not once, not twice, but three times. This is my first year to do the 60 km walk. Here is my story.

In 1993, at the age of 46, I found a lump on the periphery of my right breast and was first diagnosed with breast cancer. What a shock for our whole family. It hardly fit with our long range plans. I had a lumpectomy and treatments and tried to live a healthy life.

Four years later I was diagnosed again with breast cancer in a lymph gland under my right armpit. It was deeply hidden and only found by an oncologist at a regular check–up. I would never have felt this one. Once again I had a lumpectomy and heavy duty treatments. I had lots of trauma going on in my life at this time which made the struggle with cancer much harder than the first time. All areas of the medical profession assisted me in finding support programs to help pull me through. Family and friends once again were awesome.

Ten years later, I was once again diagnosed with breast cancer through an ultra sound. I couldn’t believe it. I hoped I was through with cancer. Again the cancer was in a lump gland. Wow! That really scared me again. Another surgery and long term medication were the solutions for my problem.

Through all this I am so grateful to family and friends for their everlasting support.

I am ever grateful to all the medical staff along the way. I have been a patient, both at The Tom Baker in Calgary and the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton and have nothing but praise for all they have done for me. I realize they are short staffed, short of beds, short of equipment.

I have been in several research studies that ended because of a shortage of funding.

It is for all these things that I am raising funds by doing the walk – to support all the areas involved in dealing with cancer.



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